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About the Book


This is a good book about “The Good Book.”  It is clear and concise.


An Introduction to the Bible was written to tell the world of God’s greatness and His goodness. 


It is designed as a guided tour through the Old Testament so that its fulfillment in Jesus Christ will become clear to the reader and lead to new or deeper faith in God.

This book is for you if you


- are new to the Bible.

- want to know more of God’s goodness, greatness and love.


- want to learn more about the Bible for yourself.


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About the Author


Carol lives in Maryland with her sister and her niece.  A teacher at heart, Carol earned her degrees in cell biology and has taught biology and Bible to multiple age groups.  She enjoys reading, traveling and studying history.

Carol was paralyzed by polio as an infant.  She lives in an electric wheelchair and drives a modified van.


Without the flow of nerve impulses to Carol’s legs, they hang limp and useless - unable to perform their intended purpose. 


Similarly, without the living presence of God’s Spirit moving in our hearts, our lives are limp and useless and unable to achieve their intended purpose.

Reading the Bible is the way to know God’s ways and His will.  It gives our lives the connection to Him that enables us to live and move according to His intended purpose.  This is the source of Carol’s passion to help people understand and read the Bible. 

Knowing God, trusting Him as our Maker, Redeemer, Savior and Lord comes by reading, hearing, and believing God’s word.

Carol began her Christian walk at Bible Fellowship Church in Ventura, CA; has been a member of Community Bible Study since 1983; and is currently a member of Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Carol's Story of Faith in Jesus Christ

Carol John _ Dexios Design-003.jpg

I was born on Independence Day. I was born again on "Dependence Day" in 1982 when I decided in my heart to follow Jesus.  And that has made all the difference. 


I know a couple of things:

God exists and is the Creator of all there is.


He is completely powerful and completely good.


We are created by God, and therefore, in the hierarchy of things, we are subordinate and dependent on Him for life.


When we bow our knee to Him, we put ourselves in the proper position of dependence and trust.


It's a lifetime challenge and daily commitment to relinquish our agenda to the agenda of an invisible Deity. And yet, there is no one else in heaven or earth given to us to whom we can turn. (Acts 4:12)


And how do I know these things are true?


An empty tomb.

One empty tomb. History records that Jesus died on a cross. There is a great deal of meaning and significance to that intentional act, but He did die. Three days later - and His followers died defending this fact - the tomb was empty.  God raised Jesus from the dead; and more than 500 people personally saw the risen Christ over the next 40 days with many convincing proofs. (Acts 1:3)


My transformed life.

I would defend this truth with my last breath: that Jesus is alive and that His Holy Spirit transforms lives - one yielded heart at a time.


Self-absorbed, at the end of my rope, living in despair of ever living well and with purpose, I have been being transformed - a bit at a time - since 1982. Others have seen it. I have undeniably experienced it.


The wise men had it right when they came to Bethlehem.

They bowed in worship, and so do I.​

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